AirSpeed - Air cushions

Air pads are used for filling of the empty spaces. Flexible pads Airspeed 5000 protect the product from overall damaging.

The customer alone produces inflatable pads anytime, anywhere, according to own needs. The production process of air cushions is simple and it makes the work more effective. Airspeed 5000 can produce up to an incredible 23 meters of air cushions for 1 min. 

Airspeed 5000 provides great flexibility due to the fact that the customer has a choice of different types of films and also the sizes of air cushions.
Products of all shapes and sizes receive the superior protection from shock, abrasion and vibration during transit. 

AirSpeed systems - air cushions

  • simple production
  • the low price of raw materials
  • almost no demands for storage space
  • light material = low transport costs
  • excellent handling
  • transparent material
  • 100% protection to environment
  • filling of required space in the short-term period
  • quick and clean handling
  • minimum waste
  • the material is 100% recyclable
  • high flexibility of materials
  • no dust

AirSpeed Smart

200x100 Hpt Flex 500 m
200x150 Hpt Flex 500 m
200x200 Hpt Flex 500 m
225x200 EP Flex 800 m
275x150 EP Flex 800 m
275x200 EP Flex 800 m