Development of packaging

The packaging production depends on individual requirements from costumers. Based on these requirements, we offer except of production aslo professional consultant service including packaging and a proposal for the high quality, effective and economic solution. 

Development involves choice of suitable materials which are possible to combine and assemble to 1 product. Due to wide range of materials of renowned worldwide producers, we are able to ensure the covers which meet the highest demands. Design of packaging is possible to realize from:

  • 2D datas
  • 3D datas
  • the physical samples 

By obtaining the background papers, we produce the sample from requested material and after our costumer agrees with it, we provide the product drawing for approval. 

Products are possible to produce and combine from materials from renowned worldwide producers.

Used materials:

  • Corrugated  cardboard and solid board
  • polypropylene
  • PE foams and another foam materials
  • textile
  • wood

From these materials it is possible to assemble:

  • boxes
  • grating
  • inserts
  • fixation

Design of packaging


Analysis of customer requirements

Process of development starts with analysis of customer requirements.


Determination of materials and choice of construction

Choice of materials and construction depend on demand for requested cover. Our construction department looks for an optimal solution and develop a concept according the newest trends in packaging area. There is the emphasis on effectivity, maximum protection and level of price of packaging. 


Development and design of packaging

After first draft is done, we start testing of packaging by qualified worker and evaluate overall functionality of packaging with costumer. 


Sampling, approval process

After consultation with costumer, we ensure a production of samples which is a part of approval process. The costumer gets a drawing of packaging. 


Batch production

We meet the highest demands to quality during the production and perform according international standards. We are holder of ISO 9001 certificate.