Pallets delivered to our customers are molded from sorted remains of wood (for example: old wooden pallets, wooden chips, etc.). During the processing, old wooden remains are milled, dried and then mixed with the glue, whereby we reach a solid mass, which is under high pressure and the temperature molded via molds to the required shape. Thanks to this technology of production, we can save the costs for an acquisition of a pallet as well as warehouse space, because these pallets are nestable.


The customer can choose from several sizes and variants, which are manufactured as the standard versions. The most appropriate forms of usage are in freight and overseas transportation. Wide-spectrum usage can be applicable for multinational companies, which export their goods all around the world.

Our portfolio of products also includes one-way half pallets. They are usually sufficient for packaging of products. In addition, they have got lots of benefits, for instance, they occupy less space, save financial means for transport and by means of this fact the fumes of carbon dioxide (CO2) are reduced. The constructional design of pallets is also suitable for ISO containers.

They also play an important role in a global export, because they are recycled products, which fall under the designation "process wood" -( processed wood ISPM 15) and pallets do not need to be further modified or treated.

The advantages:

  • save of storage spaces
  • reasonable price
  • high load capacity and stability
  • recyclability, friendly towards the environment
  • biodegradable as a plant substrate, which supports the growth
  • appropriate for worldwide export
  • ISPM 15 and other certificates, that are necessary for an export within the whole world
  • Just in time deliveries all around the world


DimensionsStatic loadDynamic loadWeightPallets per pitchPackaging height
400x600250 kg750 kg3 kg220 ks/EURO bal.2,1 m
400x800500 kg1500 kg3,5 kg180 ks/EURO bal.1,95 m
600x800do 500 kg1500 kg4,5 kg120 ks/EURO bal.2,2 m
800x1200do 1250 kg3750 kg13,2 kg50 ks/EURO bal.2 m
1000x1200do 900 kg2700 kg14,5 kg50 ks/EURO bal.2,25 m
760x11401250 kg3750 kg11,5 kg60 ks/EURO bal.2,35 m
1140x11401250 kg3750 kg18 kg50 ks/EURO bal.2,3 m

* It is possible to deliver the pallets in several alternatives and strength properties.