The strong medium pallet


800 x 1200 x 145 mm

Weight: 11 kg

Dynamic load: up to 1,25 t

Static load: up to 5,0 t

High-level rack: up to 500 kg

Type: 3 runners

Nestable: no

Material: Polyolefin

Working temperature range: -10 to +60 °C

Pallets per pitch: 2,32 m

Stack weight: 176 kg

Truck load: 528 units

Colour: black

Lightweight, robust and rackable!

This medium pallet with an open top plate measuring 800 x 1200 has three runners. Weighing only 11 kg, it is capable of carrying dynamic loads of up to 1,25 t, and thus neatly fills the gap between the light and heavy-duty pallets out there. Its height of 145 mm enables it to be used together with wooden pallets in an automatic system. Nine slots for the vertical placement of RFID tags are provided as standard. This pallet is extremely easy to clean and therefore ideal for use in the food industry, among others.

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