The ultra-light folding box in Euro dimensions


External dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 850 mm

Internal dimensions730 x 1130 x 690 mm

Vnútorný objem: 569 l

Dynamic load: up to 300 kg

Static load: up to 750 kg

Material thicknesses: from 10 mm

Ring hight: 750 mm

Ring weight: 5,75 kg

Overall weight: 24,75 kg

Pallet Weight10,5 kg

Lid Weight: 8,5 kg

Options: With or without flaps

Colour: Pallet and lid: black / Ring: grey

An efficient folding box system in plastic for light to medium-weight loads.

The NEXTPACK MAGIC is an economical alternative to the noticeably heavier compact box systems that need much more space. The folding system can be built without tools in a few steps and stored again. The light box offers storage space for the most numerous of logistical applications in the light and medium load area and acts as a reliable dust and spray water protection at the same time. Due to the well-thought-out folding design, the empty folding box requires only a minimum amount of storage area and thus helps to save storage and transport costs.

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