Textile packaging

The philosophy of our company, NEXTPACK s.r.o., is to offer quality  and complex solutions in the area of a packaging management. Constantly increased demands of our customers and their requirements move our company forward and due to this fact, we are forced to find ways, how to fully meet the customer’s needs.

Therefore, the idea to expand the portfolio of our company's production by means of professional sewing of textile packaging for automotive, electrotechnical and agro-industry, was created. 

NEXTPACK AUTOMOTIVE s.r.o. was established in 2017, that is specialized in cutting and sewing of transportable protective packages for various components, as well as various protective covers for cars’ mirrors, seats, steering wheels and vehicle bodies.

Part of the deliveries of packages is also in many cases the plastic crates, pallet boxes or metal constructions, which are customized for each client based on his individual needs.

Our highly professional experiences in the area of textiles enable us not only to produce packaging, but also to develop the textile materials, which are applicable for further processing.