Intellipack - Polyurethane Foam

The foam IntelliPack allows all the plants, distribution centers and also warehouses to pack easier and especially more intelligent. After a few seconds the liquid solution turns into a strong polyurethane foam, which wraps the product in a box and this foam provides the perfect protection and fixation not only during the transportation, but also during handling with the product.

IntelliPack system offers the most affordable and the most time-efficient packing technology in the market. IntelliPack ensures the highest level of protection for a variety of products at a maximum speed.

How does the foam IntelliPack work?

The polyurethane foam is formed in real time by pouring a combination of two liquids. The mixture expands around the product within a few seconds and this creates a protective cover around that product.

The benefits of IntelliPack:

  • Handling is very easy
  • Saving of storage space and costs
  • Meets specific needs and requirements of customers
  • No entry capital investments
  • Installation, training and service is provided for free
  • Automatic mechanical and software updates ensure that our customers have always the latest and the most advanced technology

IntelliPack SmartSHOT

Liquid foam is applied on a special film.This polyurethane foam clings perfectly to the different product contours within a few seconds and it ensures100% protection and fixation of that product. Intellipack SmartSHOT protects the product during the whole transportation process. IntelliPack SmartSHOT saves the storage space, which is a huge advantage now. Installation and service is done by our professional technician for free.

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IntelliPack Smart Bagger

IntelliPack Smart Bagger is designed for greater comfort. There are several options that a customer can choose according to his requirements and needs. IntelliPack system dispenses automatically the precise amount of foam and foil. The customer himself can set the size of bags and also the amount of polyurethane foam. Installation and service is done by our professional technician for free. IntelliPack Smart Bagger increases the efficiency and saves the costs. IntelliPack system monitors the amount of consumed material.

The great advantage of IntelliPack Smart Bagger is the fact that this polyurethane foam occupies almost no storage space. Two 200 l barrels of chemicals equal to a fully loaded .