The universal box pallet system


External dimensions:
800 x 1200 x 1010 mm

Internal dimensions: 
752 x 1152 x 800 mm

Dynamic load: up to 1,6 t

Static load: up to 4,0 t

High-level rack: up to 800 kg

Material: PP

Working temperature range:
-20 to +60 °C

Nestable: no

Internal volume:
0.69 m3 (4 extensions)

Overall weight (empty):
59.85 kg (4 extensions) / 52.03 kg (3 extensions)

Colour: Pallet: Black / Extension: Grey

In Euro pallet size!

The NEXTPACK VARIO BOX 1208 is a compact and stackable modular system in Euro pallet size. The height of the plastic box can be customised to your logistical needs as it is adjustable in 200 mm increments. In addition to a static loading capacity of up to 4.0 t and a dynamic load-bearing capacity of up to 1.6 t, our robust VARIO BOX also has an impressive perfect-fit stacking function. The system, consisting of pallet, frame and lid, can also be racked up to 800 kg.

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