LDPE, HDPE and ZIP bags

LDPE bags 

are so-called ´´polythene'', which belong to the group of packaging materials that protect goods stored in them against drying, getting wet, damaging and other external influences. LDPE bags are usually produced in a transparent design with thickness from 20 my to 200 my, but in case of special client´s requirement it is also possible to produce LDPE bags in color or in printed version

HDPE bags  

are so-called ´´microtene´´. They are an essential part of the food industry in which they have an important role and they contribute to protection of products stored in them. From HDPE film can be produced either bags or cuts. Based on customer requirement, the HDPE bags can be made in different designs and sizes. HDPE bags in comparison with LDPE bags are more transparent, they have more mat surface and a higher heat resistance (from -50 ° C to +110 ° C). They are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

ZIP bags 

They are quickly and easily closeable, water resistance and made of polyethylene film. They are used mainly for storing of small products. Zip bag includes the so-called ''zipper'' that makes it possible to open and close a zip bag at any time. Closed zip bags perfectly protect the product, which is stored in them against external influences. Zip bags are produced in standard sizes, but it is possible to produce zip bags according to the special customer requirements.