Company NEXTPACK produces and offers covers and packaging materials in a wide offer. We use innovative systems and
the most advanced technological solutions. In our portfolio you can find processing of polypropylene, cardboard plastic, foams
and textiles and other supplementary assortment such as plastic pallets, crates, corrugated cardboard boxes, stretch films, 
bubble wraps, tapes, polyethylene- PE foams etc.

Product portfolio

Production and distribution
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Innovative solutions

We also offer our know-how developed over the years to our customers, who have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of packaging materials. 

Thanks to the modern technologies, we can process high quality materials from prestigious worldwide manufacturers.

Together with the design center we always look for the most effective solution and we pay attention to the requirements and specifications of a customer.

The aim of the designs is to ensure the maximum protection of your products, storability and easy manipulation.