NEXTPACK Light 806

The new half pallet with three runners


Dimensions: 600 x 800 x 135 mm

Static load: Up to 1,2 t

Dynamic load: Up to 400 kg

Weight per unit3,7 kg


Nestable: No

Stacking height2.32 m/52 units

Stack weight: Approx. 192 kg

Truck load: 1456 units

Weight per truck: Approx. 6.4 t

Working temperature range: 
-20 to +60°C

Colour: Black

Measuring 800 x 600 x 135 mm!

Small but mighty – the new NEXTPACK half pallet! Weighing only 3.7 kg, our new half pallet with three runners has a dynamic load-bearing capacity of up to 400 kg. Its height enables it to be used together with wooden pallets in an automatic system and it is designed to be extremely easy to clean. A feature that makes it ideal for use in the food industry.

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